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Midstream Estates has been in existence for 19 years and houses 6388 homes and families who chose Midstream Estates for the following reasons.


20/20 Reasons as to why Midstream is the best possible home for you and your family!


In a time when election uncertainties plague the minds of many South Africans causing them to delay taking action or making pertinent investment decisions, Bondev has stayed focussed and fearless.


Downsizing, previously perceived as a dreaded move away from the spoils and abundance of life has now become a world-wide trend that is embraced, supported and motivated by a new way of thinking and ultimately living!

It’s more Than a mind shift.

For ten years Retire@Midstream has offered its residents the best in lifestyle, care and security. We recently shared the insights and reasoning of one of our residents about why our retirement village and the greater Midstream Estate stood out above the many available options making Retire@Midstream his obvious choice. He is however one of hundreds of residents that have gone through this experience. Each resident has a personal story, a journey that led them to Retire@Midstream. Over a decade and from within the Sales Office we have played a small role in their journey and have walked through a few pages of their story with them. What we have come to see are the different reasons personal to their lives that motivated them to make the decision. While you are possibly still in the process of what many, now residents, have previously referred to as making the mind shift you should know that many others have already gone through the same process and perhaps you can relate to some of their reasons for moving to Retire@Midstream.

It’s not about the Wild World Out There It’s about the...

In Midstream Estates it will soon be about the sought after stands in the Wildlife area of Midstream Ridge and in Midstream Meadows it’s about the best value for a stand, that your money can buy. While it may seem like a wild world of uncertainty out there the value of our estate and our stands have stood the test of time and market turbulence. This has always been our promise and pride. Today Midstream Estates still offers the best location, security, schools and value for money, where you can own your future and rest assured that your investment is safe and secure.

PRIORITIES determine your decisions - phases determine your priori...

This is such a simple statement however it encompasses our entire lives. Our priorities drive our decision making processes all the time but largely our priorities are guided by the phase of life that we are going through. “Sometimes like the moon, you have to go through phases whether you like it or not” – Marie Trupia. The residential communities and facilities of Midstream Estates were developed around the different needs that arise due to the passing phases of life that we are all bound to go through. As our childrens lives can be divided into 3 phases until they reach young adulthood so too can our adult lives can be divided into 3 major phases.

Midstream Estate – A Jigsaw Puzzle of Systems

A town is a system made up of different parts and aspects that all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. The emphasis however is on the understanding that everything is ultimately a system. I had the pleasure of interviewing a resident of the estate who resides in the Sectional title development of Retire@Midstream and who is an authority in the field of systems analysis. It was not his passion and dedication to his life long profession that led me to interview him, but the manner in which he applied his profession in guiding him regarding the the crucial decision about where would be the right place for him and his wife to settle in the later phase of their lives.

The Truth is that Team Work is at the heart of great achievement &n...

16 Augustus 2019 The 6th, 7th and 8th of October will be remembered for exactly these profound words spoken by John C. Maxwell. It took a tremendous team effort from a diverse group of people to make the first nationally advertised Midstream home show the resounding success that it was. Developers, Builders, Estate Agents, Home Owners Association staff, security guards, Interior designers, the various schools, the golfing club, the fun run organisers and most importantly Bondev Developments who invested a huge amount of time, planning and finances into the various marketing initiatives which included television, radio, internet, bill boards and printed media coverage. The residents joined in on the excitement and in true team player spirit supported every activity and show house on display. The home show weekend attracted visitors from many different areas and about 50% of the visitors had never been to Midstream before the home show weekend.

In Conversation with our Residents….

Making the decision to move from your current home and environment is motivated by many factors in life and every resident has their own personal story and experience. Lorraine Carr, a resident in Retire@Midstream shares her experience with us in a personal Q&A interview.

Ascend To Midstream is Moving on Up!

September of 2016 saw the launch of the prestigious luxury estate apartments now ascending roof height and making an impression on the landscape of Midfield Estate.

Midstream Meadows

“ Take a walk through the Meadows, look closely, there you will find a stepping stone for all your tomorrows”

To Care or Not To Care???

At Retire@Midstream we often get the question: “Why should I buy in Retire@Midstream and not in any of the other suburbs of Midstream Estate. What valued added service will I get at R@M that I won’t get in the greater Midstream Estate?” The answer is embedded in the many different ways of looking at the word “care”.

Don't simply retire from something; have something to retire to. ~H...

703 Residents of Retire@Midstream will agree with Harry Emerson Fosdick! YES! Gone are the days when you had to fear spending your golden years in a dark and dismal old age home! Retire@Midstream has shattered the negative perception that so many retirees have harboured for many years leading up to their retirement. This belief that once you go to a retirement facility your healthy, active and social life as you know it is over, has made many put off the decision for far too long.

Buying for investment What you should know

In recent years, South African property has been an excellent investment, particularly in the most sought-after coastal regions, where prices have risen fastest.