Titles like “ The life-changing magic of tidying up” – Marie Kando, “Stuffocation” – James Wallman and concepts like essentialism challenge the old way of thinking by offering a different approach and mindset to how we perceive value and fulfilment. To Greg McKeown essentialism is at its’ core the disciplined pursuit of less that allows us to regain control of our own choices about where and how we spend our time and energies. In so doing we are freeing ourselves to actually identify and achieve the goals and activities that really matter in our lives. In the book Stuffocation James Wallman reveals that the world is suffering from a dilemma he refers to as stuffocation which is for the large part, self-explanatory. We have more stuff than we could ever need, more clothes than we could ever wear and more toys than we can ever play with. He challenges us to ask the question – Is all this stuff actually making us happier or is it leaving us feeling stressed and suffocated. (Stuffocated). This is essentially materialism and its being traded in by many for experientialism where people can find more happiness, live more meaningful lives and most importantly find expression more successfully through experiences rather than stuff. It does not mean getting rid of all our possessions it simply means getting over the obsession we have with them. It is this global shift that has resulted in a growing market for homes that offer a simplified lifestyle while still fulfilling the very important human need of being part of a community where we can share time and experiences. Apartment style living has embraced all of the above pursuits and has offered a changing world a solution and a platform through which we can express ourselves individually in an uncluttered and free environment yet remain connected to each other through shared living spaces.
These concepts of less but better and less is more, has no age group or boundary. Whether it's empty-nest syndrome, a desire to streamline one's house to make travel and hobbies more affordable, or a divorce or death in the family, people are seeking ways to live large while living smaller. This is why there are similarities in Senior and Millennial homes today! A study showed that the average size home purchased by millennials vs seniors in 2016 was very similar as each group preferred a smaller place to live. This goes to show that retired seniors and those buying or renting their first property have a similar interest in downsizing and de-cluttering their homes. The trend toward minimalism is widespread and many people are set on simplifying their lives. There is a saying that goes – ‘different strokes for different folks’. While downsizing and de-cluttering may not be for you and your preferred lifestyle it is undoubtedly the way forward and will therefore play an ever increasing role in the local and global property market in the future. Property investors will do well to take this changing market into consideration when considering what type of properties they want to include in their investment portfolio. The nature of the market today opens the door to many investment opportunities around furnished and unfurnished rentals. It supplies a market that needs more and more flexibility a solution to live in an upmarket home without the long term commitment required from home ownership. This is most certainly a growing trend in society in general but at the same time opening the doors of opportunity to investors. As an investor today I would investigate this market trend at the very least before making my next investment.

Ascend To Midstream phase one is a vibrant example and practical testimony of the effectiveness of simplified living. The lifestyle and luxury offered here epitomizes upscale downsizing while offering its’ residents a community to be part of.
Hearing first hand from the residents of Ascend to Midstream Phase 1 when asked the question -what it is that they enjoy most about living there made me believe that we are part of the global trend in every way and that what may seem as something new and different today is merely a small space in time before it will be the major housing solution of the future - The residents of the various units responded as follows, and I quote: “The absolute effeciency of everyone and everything. Everyday is like heaven when I open the doors and have my morning coffee and cigarette”
“My favorite part is the view. Every morning opening the blinds and there is a huge open space infront of you” “First of all effortless. Secondally it feels like a holiday. You can go on holiday and come back to perfection. And of course the best view in Midstream or you can say Pretoria” “Convenience. The fact that you stay close to nature even though you are part of the city” “When I first moved it was like family away from family” “ I love the apartment lifestyle but you still have the family vibe and you can go for a run without feeling like you are in a metropolis. One of my favorite things is to sit in my apartment window and read a book with the morning sun coming in. Its just spectacular” “It is the convenience behind luxury living yet it still feels like home” “I love the privacy. People respect eachothers’ space” “We love the security and the calmness. Once you are in your unit the indescribable views. Really awesome for running” “Because I am from Russia I love the amprtment lifestyle so I felt at home. But also you have the luxury element like the cinema room, roof top with swimmingpool. I also feel secure. It is also convenient location because of the schools and the restaurants” “I would say security is easy, no alarms. Lock up and go. I can jump in the pool and I don’t have to clean it!” “It fulfills the intrinsic nature of humans to live in a community. You won’t know it until you move in” “It’s very first world living. I travel a lot and I know how they live there. The one up we have here is that we have space that they don’t have”

Ascend to Midstream phase two will be launching in April of this year. You still have the opportunity to speak to Kirsty Blaine who specializes in the marketing of Ascend to Midstream. If you would like to get more information regarding the next phase call her on 0796927943 or 012 9409595.


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