What makes Midstream Estates so unique is that your changing needs and priorities can be met through every phase from childhood through to adulthood.

At first you may be a young newly-wed couple with perhaps one or no children as yet. In this phase of your life your priorities are to better your career and get a foot in the door of a solid property investment. Midstream Meadows is your answer as it offers smaller stands and affordable solid property investments, while the greater Midstream Estates offers you a choice of 3 exceptional baby houses and pre-schools. Now you are able to focus on your priorities while your child develops in a safe environment and your investment can grow in value over time. The facilities in and around Midstream Meadows such as Hyto Tyto and the Action Sport Centre are ideal for the youngsters and young at heart.

Once you have crossed over to the family of four phase, your priorities will now be driven by the phases of your childrens’ lives. You will probably start considering a move closer to a school which would make juggling your time between your career and family life that much simpler! Midstream Ridge could be your next consideration. There you can buy a larger home or building package on a larger stand and the kids can walk to school. On your way home you can make a quick stop at the Midstream Ridge Spar, pick up supper at one of the many restaurants in Shopping-on-Ridgeway or destress at the gym. The perfect recipe for a full and fulfilled life.

Time does not stand still and before you know it your toddlers have started and finished their schooling phase and you will start contemplating what to do next because now you find that most of your house is empty most of the time. Midstream Estates can accommodate you in luxury and style through this phase of your life. You may feel that it is time to move to a lock-up and go luxury apartment in Ascend to Midstream.

While your children have moved on into their third phase which may entail studying at university or starting with their young adult lives they too can be accommodated in the many rental or investment options available to them in the greater Midstream Estates. Once again Ascend to Midstream is an excellent option as it offers them easy living central to all the major hubs for both work and play. A current owner of a unit at Ascend to Midstream has worked it out perfectly. Their child will stay in their unit until such time that she is in that phase of life where she has a family and her priorities are such that she will need the large home and a garden that they are currently living in and then at that point they will swap homes. They also own a unit at Retire@Midstream so they have a long term contingency plan that covers ever phase of their and their childs life span. As we age and enter the wonderful phase of retirement our priorities change once again and we start considering the availability of quality medical care, the companionship of people in our own age group and our safety when we are at home. We look forward to travelling without the worry of the big house, garden and pets that have to be looked after while we are away. These needs are best met at our new 2 bedroom units in extension 55 of Retire@Midstream. The different size units offer you freedom of choice and the price range that suits your needs. While you can enjoy your retirement phase of life you are also able to participate in the phase of life that your children and grandchildren are going through as they could very possibly be living in the estate in a home that is suitable to their needs. This is a precious time and Midstream Estates offers you this unique opportunity.

A sensitive but all important topic is that of assisted living, frail and alzheimers care. When and if the need arises it is vital that your loved ones have the best quality care when they need it most. In Midstream Estates this need has been met in the recently opened specialized care facilities and you only have to speak to the family of the residents there to understand how vital this facility is and how convenient it is that it is situated in the safe boundaries of our estate.

Life is ever changing, evolving from phase to phase and so too Midstream Estates has evolved around the needs of its’ community. We would like you to put Midstream Estates to the test and decide for yourself if we can offer you a solution that would suit the phase of life that you are in and fulfil the needs most important to you.

Maureen van Zyl (maureen@midteam.co.za)

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