The 6th, 7th and 8th of October will be remembered for exactly these profound words spoken by John C. Maxwell. It took a tremendous team effort from a diverse group of people to make the first nationally advertised Midstream home show the resounding success that it was. Developers, Builders, Estate Agents, Home Owners Association staff, security guards, Interior designers, the various schools, the golfing club, the fun run organisers and most importantly Bondev Developments who invested a huge amount of time, planning and finances into the various marketing initiatives which included television, radio, internet, bill boards and printed media coverage. The residents joined in on the excitement and in true team player spirit supported every activity and show house on display. The home show weekend attracted visitors from many different areas and about 50% of the visitors had never been to Midstream before the home show weekend.

For the residents that could not attend we will fill you in on the details. Two exquisite homes were on show in Midstream Estate, one of which is on offer for 12,5 million rand and together they had 55 visitors. Midstream Ridge is already well established but still offers ample opportunity and it boasted 22 show houses in varying styles, size and price ranges. The total number of visitors to these show houses was 604. Midstream Meadows our newest residential development had a staggering 811 visitors over the weekend. 69 visitors took the opportunity to visit Retire@Midstream and view the different two bedrooms units on show in X55. Interested parties also took a tour through the new and almost complete specialised care facility currently under construction opposite the Church.

The luxury estate apartments Ascend To Midstream was open to the public and residents of Midstream for the first time since its inception. 364 groups of interested parties took the opportunity to view the development which included the show units, penthouses and communal use areas such as the multi-media theatre, wifi and hot desk hub and finally the spectacular roof top terrace with its infinity pool and master chef kitchen. Much fun was had there throughout the weekend. The pizza oven was stoked and over 325 scrumptious pizzas emerged over the course of 3 days. The roof top terrace was truly impressive for all the visitors but what really impressed was the quality of the finishes and the stunning views of each and every unit. The golfers who took part in the golf on Friday and Saturday morning were treated to a glimpse of the lifestyle offered at Ascend To Midstream. They met in the lobby and from there they were on the golf course in just a few steps. Once they had finished playing they were treated with a few well deserved refreshments on the roof top terrace where they could relax and enjoy the view.

Family is the true focus of Midstream Estate and there was fun to be had for all! The children enjoyed the go-cart races and the more energetic families took part in the fun run through the estate. The keen bowlers enjoyed the day in an informal bowling competition where fun and socialising as bowling friends was the ultimate winner.

The Hop-on-hop-off bus conveniently and safely took visitors to different areas of the estate where they had an opportunity to view the homes on show and get a better understanding of the greater Midstream Estates. The proof is always in the pudding and the success of the home show weekend can be seen in the amount of sales done either on the show day or at a later stage as result of the home show. Properties sales in the region of 60 million rand was achieved as a result of the compound effort of every person involved in the home show. Midstream Estate now knows beyond a doubt that we are a formidable team and that success for one means success for all. Bondev Developments sincerely thanks every team member for their role in making our first Home Show as successful as it was.

Maureen van Zyl (Bondev Sales Team :

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