There are a number of new developments and expansion areas in the greater Midstream Estates that Bondev is currently busy with. These are areas of positive growth, expanding the residential options offered to individuals and families looking for a secure lifestyle together with a sound investment opportunity. Taking action, moving forward boldly and not waiting for opportunity but creating it, is the way of the developer and that has created the continued momentum of success that we all get to partner in.
Successful partnerships are rare but once formed create a sound foundation for long lasting success! Such a complex yet successful partnership exists in Midstream Estates today between Bondev the developer, security staff, all the home owners associations, the building contractors, individual buyers, the residents of the various estates and all the business owners of the countless facilities and services offered. This solid foundation developed over the past fifteen years now fuels a forward momentum that is evident in the sales figures achieved in a time that the rest of South Africa are still asking questions! Ascend to Midstream phase 2, started selling in April with 36 units on offer and within 5 weeks 13 units sold, averaging 4 million rand in value each and totalling around 52 million rand in sales. Retire@Midstream will soon be expanding with 18 new 2 bedroom sectional title units that are for sale between R2,080 and R2, 990 million, a total of approximately 43 million rands further development. These units have only just started selling and will be ready for occupation in December of this year. Extension 79 in Midstream Meadows recently went on sale to the developers and close to 70 stands were sold on the day with a gross value exceeding 52 million rand! These ongoing bold developments from Bondev show their belief in the future of Midstream and the resounding positive response from the market in the way of sales is what makes the partnership perfect!
What is important to know about these sales is that there is a commonality between the buyers and or investors which stretches across all the different developments. In many cases they are current residents of the estate or they have family or friends living here that have referred them. This has to be the biggest testament of belief in real value. A market that invests and re-invests in itself is a healthy one and when you are comfortable to refer a product or service to someone you care about then you have to believe in it! If you are happy with the return on your first investment you are not afraid of re-investing in the same market and looking at the buyers, investors and developers of the various developments this is definitely the case in Midstream Estates. Bondev has elected to stay on the path of positive growth and evidently so has the market who continue to choose the best in security, locality, schools and amenities. “Everything you want is on the other side of fear” – Jack Canfield. Midstream Estates offers you the opportunity to move with us to the other side of fear and get everything you want!

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