Grandchildren! This has to be one of the most delightful and compelling reasons for many of our residents whose children live in the greater midstream estates. I smile as I type because I have watched the love and fulfilment that being near their grandchildren brings them. The fact that they can retire within a five kilometre radius from their grandchildren and safely be able to fetch them from school, watch their sports activities and have complete peace of mind while playing a vital role in the lives of their families is precious. The value that this adds to a family unit cannot be measured.

Safety and security! We have listened to some of the sad stories of elderly people who have had to face the terrifying reality of our society today where the aged have become easy targets for criminals. Their experience of violence and theft in their own homes is another driving force to seek a safe and secure environment. Those residents who initially felt forced to leave their homes have been able to heal, recover and regain their confidence. Today they have the lifestyle they deserve and have earned. In Midstream Estate they are cherished and respected as they should be.

Health Care! So many faces come to mind. Ever heard the saying, Ageing is not for sissies! A hard reality but never the less a reality that many residents face. The realization that failing health is compelling you to move is not an easy one. Dealing with illness is never easy. Medical support and emotional assistance in this time is of utmost importance. We have witnessed the immeasurable value that Retire@Midstream in all its different facets of medical care have had to the residents and their spouses. In our day to day lives in and around the retirement village we see and talk to our residents. It is comforting to see that they are receiving the medical assistance in the most convenient and personal environment possible. The stress of taking care of a loved one is hard enough without adding hours in traffic to get to the closest medical facility, rushing between doctors appointments, preparing meals, administering medication and the physical care of the frail. In choosing Retire@Midstream our residents have found a place where these stresses can be lifted off their shoulders. Making the mind shift to move is not easy but we have not met one person in these circumstances that regretted it in any way. The very opposite is true. There are many residents that come to mind who moved into Retire@Midstream completely healthy and who did not envisage that the illness that would change their lives was not too far in their future. As difficult as it will always remain the fact that they were already living in an environment specially geared to assist them has made it so much more bearable.

Community life, Social Interaction, Independance! We are social beings who are not designed to live in isolation. When we lose our life partner, life can lose its meaning. This is a very prevalent reason why many residents made the choice to move to Retire@Midstream. Loneliness is often worse than physical illness. I know many residents in Retire that arrived here feeling lost and alone. Today I see them and they have made new friends, are interacting and taking part in the many activities offered here. Their lives have slowly regained a purpose and they are once again part of a community that is caring and supportive. Their loved one can never be replaced but they never have to be alone while they live here. Our sales office is close to the entrance of the medical centre and we get to chat to our residents on a daily basis. We here the beautiful testimonies and stories of how our residents lives have changed for the good. It does not always happen overnight but it certainly happens with time. It may seem impossible in the beginning but a decade of watching how this special community cares for its residents has proven that anyone looking to start this phase of their lives can rest assured that they will make new and strong friendships at Retire@Midstream. We are also all proud beings who cherish our independence. This is a very vital reason why some of our residents chose Midstream. They do not need to be able to drive or even cook to maintain this vital need that we all have to be independent. Our retirement village and greater estate is unique in this quality and is probably the only one that can truly offer this level of value to any retiree. The bus service, local shopping and social environment offer complete independence to our residents within the safety of our estate.

Financial Security! The last but not the least of the main reasons why our residents purchased their retirement home in Retire@Midstream. It is a sound financial investment that you are able to sell or rent out if the need arises. We have had countless discussions with potential buyers who have been looking around for a suitable retirement option. We have also had countless discussions where the life right system has had a negative financial impact on people who need to move to other facilities and have found themselves out of pocket. Life is often unpredictable and your situation may change therefore you still need to invest wisely. Our residents are acutely aware of this fact and that is why they could invest and buy here with great peace of mind.

Bondev is currently developing a new phase of 2 Bedroom units in Retire@Midstream X55. Located in close proximity to the hospital this extension is already home to many residents with similar reasons for moving to Retire@Midstream as mentioned above. They form part of the greater Retire@Midstream community and enjoy all the same amenities and facilities as their fellow residents. These new units will be completed in November of this year and we have sold quite a few of them already. We still have 2 Bedroom units available from R2 490 000 vat included. These luxury 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Single garage units include 2 Airconditioners, 2 Televisions, a smoke detector and an alarm system with motion detectors and panic button. The levy includes the maintainance of your private landscaped garden and the outside of your building. It also includes the structural insurance of the building and a very important 24 hour emergency paramedic service dedicated to our estate alone. Life in a sectional title unit at Retire@Midstream is stress free and uncomplicated. Now is the time……..…. Make the Mind shift and visit our Sales Office in the Medical Centre to view that plans and show unit!

Maureen van Zyl (Bondev Sales Agent)

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