“ Take a walk through the Meadows, look closely, there you will find a stepping stone for all your tomorrows”

16 May 2017

Midstream Meadows

“ Take a walk through the Meadows, look closely, there you will find a stepping stone for all your tomorrows”

Midstream Meadows is the newest addition to the greater Midstream Estate and its arrival is offering a unique opportunity to experience the safety, convenience and endless facilities offered in the estate at an affordable price. This has to be the type of development that young families have been wishing would come into the Midstream Estates fold. Smaller, thus more affordable stands are offered to experienced and well trusted developers who in turn can offer well planned and solidly built homes to buyers at affordable prices minus the pitfalls of trying to develop on their own. This estate may offer an amazing window of opportunity that will give you the necessary “stepping stones” to grow your investment portfolio in such a way that you will later be in a position to use your profits to move into a larger home within Midstream Estates if the need arises.

Like all the other estates Bondev still aspires to delivering the best in safety, facilities and healthy community living. They have exciting plans for the development of the facilities in and around Midstream Meadows. An “Action” sport arena that caters for action cricket and other similar indoor action sports like netball or even hockey is only one them. Taking heed of the current trends and staying abreast of community needs has always been an important focus for Bondev therefore they envisage a Trampoline arena more commonly known as “bounce”. This is a popular and growing sport where old and young can be active while having fun at the same time. Another blast from the past that has always been a family favourite but is rarely seen anymore is an “animal farm” where childrens’ hearts are warmed and their faces light up while feeding the small farm animals. Midstream Meadows will also offer large open green areas, parks and a public outdoor swimming pool. These facilities will not only add value to the lives of the residents but also to their financial investment. The way I see it, this has to be the perfect combination.

Midstream Meadows already has 14 residents with 66 soon to be neighbours already building their houses and a staggering 121 plans submitted that will be under construction in the near future. These statistics show that the market is active and healthy. Property Sales are happening and the active agents are doing well, receiving national awards for their unparalled success in Midstream Estates.

Midstream Meadows is a “Watch this Space” success story in the making. You have the opportunity to be a part of its success therefore it may be time for you to take a ride out and take a closer look! As the saying goes “nothing ventured – nothing gained”.

Bondev Sales Team
Maureen van Zyl (maureen@midrand-estates.co.za)

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