MIDSTREAM HOMESHOW COMING MARCH 2020 Behind the scenes preview A sequel to top the first homeshow held in October 2017 is coming again soon! Midstream Homeshow 2020 is the second homeshow to be held in Midstream Estates. A Bondev initiative together with the developers and real estate agents working exclusively in Midstream Estates, will showcase the newest homes and current architectural trends on offer in the greater Midstream Estates residential market. You will not only be able to view 20 different new homes in Midstream Ridge and Midstream Meadows but also have the opportunity to take advantage of a 3 in one homeshow bonanza, as Ascend to Midstream and Retire@Midstream will be part of this exciting event! There will also be opportunities to view stands that are sold with building packages, this way you get to partner with the developer to build a home that reflects your style and personal taste on the stand of your dreams. Behind the scenes, the developers are working hard to complete the houses that they are proud to offer to the market in March. Television broadcasts promoting the event and the estate are in production! The Real Estate market is gearing up to make this a show to remember. As never before will it be so easy to explore the market in your own area. The homeshow offers you the chance to better understand the property market in the greater estate and perhaps gage where your own home falls in terms of current market value. By visiting the properties and new developments being showcased during the homeshow weekend your knowledge and understanding of the general property market in which your biggest investment lies will vastly improve and this can only be to your advantage. You may want to relook at your personal situation? Perhaps it’s time to make a change. In one weekend You will be able to investigate every possibility from starting off in your first family home, downsizing to a luxury apartment, upgrading to a larger home with a great big garden or moving into the care-free lifestyle of Retire@Midstream. It may also surprise you to see how much development has taken place since October of 2017 in Midstream Ridge and Midstream Meadows and how the market trends have changed in terms of style and finish. Ascend to Midstream 2nd Phase and Retire@Midstream X55, are excellent examples of this. The new look and feel of both these developments are exciting and the homeshow is the perfect opportunity to experience it first hand! Between the new homes on show and the Bondev developments, you will be able to view properties priced between R2 million and R20 million rand. This is a rare chance to see it all.
Let’s not forget the areas in Midstream where there is no longer any brand new developments! The local terminology will refer to “Old Midstream” and this area has its’ own charm and lush park areas. Exclusive homes in this area can be viewed through the Real Estate Agents whose offices will be open and part of the Homeshow experience. Visit these agencies in Square@Midstream and Midstream Ridge where the agents on show that weekend will gladly show you the homes on offer. If your dream is to see your child hop on his or her bicycle and ride off to school without a care in the world then it may be worth your while to take a closer look at the “Old Midstream” area. In saying that this same dream can also be fulfilled in Midstream Ridge, so you would be best served to visit all the homes on display between the 13th and 15th of March 2020. Go Big or Go Home is an apt saying for the Midstream Homeshow of 2020. Bondev is going BIG to promote this exclusive event. We are excited to have the community join in so look out for all the billboards, social media and televised marketing. Join in on the excitement, plan to stay in the estate and visit the homes on show, tell your friends and their families about it and become part of the Midstream HomeShow of 2020! Maureen van Zyl (maureen@midteam.co.za)

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