Making the decision to move from your current home and environment is motivated by many factors in life and every resident has their own personal story and experience.  Lorraine Carr, a resident in Retire@Midstream shares her experience with us in a personal Q&A interview.

4 September 2017

In Conversation with our Residents….

Making the decision to move from your current home and environment is motivated by many factors in life and every resident has their own personal story and experience. Lorraine Carr, a resident in Retire@Midstream shares her experience with us in a personal Q&A interview.

How did her move to Midstream come about?

The sudden loss of her spouse just over 2 years ago put her in a position where she had to make difficult decisions about where she was going to live. The idyllic 900 sqm home overlooking the sea was no longer a practical or safe option for her on her own. She knew one thing for sure and that was that she was definitely not ready to move into a Retirement Village of any sort! She made the decision to move the Cape. Living in an beautiful wine estate overlooking the mountains unfortunately did not bring with it a connected and caring community and she found herself becoming extremely lonely and isolated. On a visit to Midstream she was given a tour of the estate which happened to include the Retirement Village, which at this stage was by no means her first choice. She was more than pleasantly surprised by what she saw there and in her words she said that what she liked about it was the beautiful gardens, the different homes and styles and the tranquil feeling of the area. She had visited Midstream before and knew that the level of security in the estate was also something she felt she needed now that she was on her own. The comprehensive medical facilities was another deciding factor as she has chronic medical conditions. She decided then to have a look at properties in Retire@Midstream, saw a property she liked and bought it the very next day. She was not really prepared for what was to follow.

What were her fears?

She biggest fear was that she was not ready for life in a retirement village as her vision of life in a retirement village was not positive at all. She is still vibrant and active and wants to maintain that lifestyle. Moving into a Retirement village just did not feel like it would be the right thing to do. What was it like in the beginning? On moving in she said that she was extremely surprised by the warm and caring welcome she received from every neighbour and resident in her street. Within 24 hours of moving in every single one had come over to meet her and welcome her with a small gift or a flower. She said that she had never experienced this anywhere that she had lived before. She felt accepted and at home in a community that really cared. This was a very different feeling than that of feeling isolated and alone in a complex of people that were not your own age group or in a similar phase of life. She recalls that she experienced her very first street braai in Retire@Midstream!

What experiences stood out for her?

Shortly after moving in she went way for a few days and neglected to inform security that she would be away. She promptly received a call from security asking if she is ok or can they send the paramedics to assist her. She found it quite funny but realised the value of the service in the event that she should ever have an emergency. She also recalls emotionally that on her return from holiday in December that she was very ill and how her neighbours looked after her daily and checked up on her, bringing her food and jugs of water and caring far beyond anything she had expected. “These sound like small things but they mean so much” were her words to me. She also recalls the fire they experienced in the field opposite the Retire@Midstream border. The reaction was within seconds of reporting and the situation was handled with the utmost professionalism. It is very important in moments like these that you have the peace of mind that you are not alone in the situation and that help is a call or a neighbour away. It is these things that create your quality of life.

What does she enjoy the most?

I would like to quote her words “Driving or walking down the street and being greeted by every person passing by whether they know you or not, just makes you feel part of the community” Her life in Midstream has come to offer so much more than she ever anticipated. Her fear of moving into a Retirement Village has been put to rest. She says since she has moved here she has experienced kindness, utmost caring from neighbours, excitement and there is never a dull moment. She loves the quick access to shopping at the square and being in between people there that have got to know her and care about her well being. She is pretty specific about who washes her Jaguar and having her car washed at the Sasol at Midstream Ridge is a pleasurable experience for her because they know her, her car and the way she likes her coffee while she waits. She loves that fact that when she goes to Turn’n Tender the waiters know what table she prefers, what she prefers to drink and even the glass she prefers her drink in. They actually even know her favourite meal there. Her visits to the pharmacy feels like visiting with friends as she is treated with such kindness and care and she loves the fact that her medication is ready waiting for her. She enjoys the functions offered at Retire and the casual chats with neighbours when they are outdoors. She also says that she has never felt so safe in her life before. She is able to enjoy her home with open doors without a care in the world. All these things have lead her to realize that moving to Midstream and more specifically Retire@Midstream was the best decision she has made since the loss of her husband. I would like to thank her for sharing her heartfelt experience with us. Until a person has spent a day in someone else’s shoes you often can’t understand the challenges that they face daily. Although challenges of the heart are always going to be there, her closing statement in our interview was really special. “I feel privileged and blessed having landed up in my little cul-de-sac with the most amazing caring people in the most difficult time of my life” Thanx Mom, as your daughter it’s great to know you are as happy and safe as you can be for now.!

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