He went about researching 12 different places in the best way he knew how, and that was to set aside emotion and to critically analyse each area by comparing important issues in accordance with a set of parameters. These issues covered various aspects in detail namely, Security, Medical Facilities, Recreation, Activity Programmes, quality of the actual housing structures i.e. quality fixtures and fittings which are easily maintained, Sustainability of Services such as power, water, telecommunications, care etc, lifestyle, locality, tenure, in the way of being able to choose full or sectional title schemes, and all round management with regards to qualified, able and friendly staff and managers. He sees Retire@Midstream as an independent yet symbiotic part of the greater Midstream Estates and therefore he analysed the town of Midstream independently while adopting the same methodology. In that analysis he added issues such as Schools, general environment i.e. roads, side-walks, public areas etc., residential areas, road systems, business areas, and church denominations.

I have only outlined the depth to which this study was done and although it was done to serve a very personal need it has afforded us the opportunity to see our estate through a magnifying glass. The conclusion is that Midstream Estates and more specifically Retire@Midstream came out as the best choice out of the 12 different places that were put through this strenuous test for him and his wife to settle.

I was in awe of his comprehensive report and the detail that it entailed but I would like to share his findings in the way that he summarized it for me. Firstly, in all aspects he scored Retire@Midstream and Midstream Estates with excellent ratings and high standards. He went on to explain that this Estate is unique in its being and that there is no parallel to it in South Africa. In no other estate with similarities to this one has the developer been involved in every aspect of the development and it’s his opinion that this has created a well intergrated system that functions at a high level of precision. The decision was made and today they love living in Retire@Midstream with the knowing that they are safe where ever they find themselves in the estate.

If you feel burdened with the task of finding a suitable place to retire and you are considering Retire@Midstream it is comforting to know that someone has done extensive research and not for any marketing ploy but for himself and his wife and they made the choice to settle here. The good news is that Bondev is about to launch the sale of new 2 bedroom units in X55. These units have been scrutinized and planned to suit a varying array of needs and will be excellently priced from below two million rand for the smaller 2 bedroom units. Extension 55 of Retire@Midstream offers an array of different plans, sizes, single and double garage units, allowing freedom of choice when it matters most.

Visit our Sales office in the main building of Retire@Midstream to find out more about the exciting new developments in X55.

The Bondev Sales Team (maureen@midteam.co.za)

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