5 Oct 2017

In Conversation with our Residents….

Making the decision to move from your current home and environment is motivated by many factors in life and every resident has their own personal story and experience. Lorraine Carr, a resident in Retire@Mi...

16 Aug 2017

Ascend To Midstream is Moving on Up!

September of 2016 saw the launch of the prestigious luxury estate apartments now ascending roof height and making an impression on the landscape of Midfield Estate.

16 Aug 2017

Midstream Meadows

“ Take a walk through the Meadows, look closely, there you will find a stepping stone for all your tomorrows”

16 Aug 2017

To Care or Not To Care???

At Retire@Midstream we often get the question: “Why should I buy in Retire@Midstream and not in any of the other suburbs of Midstream Estate. What valued added service will I get at R@M that I won&rsq...

16 Aug 2017

Don't simply retire from something; have something to retire to. ~H...

703 Residents of Retire@Midstream will agree with Harry Emerson Fosdick! YES! Gone are the days when you had to fear spending your golden years in a dark and dismal old age home! Retire@Midstream has sha...

2 Dec 2016

Buying for investment What you should know

In recent years, South African property has been an excellent investment, particularly in the most sought-after coastal regions, where prices have risen fastest.